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          三菱 Channel 三菱-Channel Isolated Pulse Input 模塊 用戶手冊
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          Note that the! CAUTION level may lead to a serious consequence according to the circumstances.
          Always follow the instructions of both levels because they are important to personal safety.

          Please save this manual to make it accessible when required and always forward it to the end user.

          [Design Precautions]
          • Do not write data into the "read-only area" in the buffer memory of the intelligent function
          module. In addition, do not turn ON/OFF the "Reserved (N/A)" signals among the I/O signals
          transferred to/from the programmable controller CPU.
          Doing so can malfunction the programmable controller system.

          • Do not bunch the control wires or pulse input wires with the main circuit or power wires, or install
          them close to each other.
          They should be installed 150 mm (5.9 inch) or more from each other.
          Not doing so could result in noise that may cause malfunction.