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          三菱 Channel 三菱-Channel Isolated Digital- Analog Converter 模塊 用戶手冊
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          • Use the programmable controller in an environment that meets the general specifications
          contained in the user's manual of the CPU module to use.
          Using this programmable controller in an environment outside the range of the general
          specifications may cause electric shock, fire, malfunction, and damage to or deterioration of the
          • While pressing the installation lever located at the bottom of module, insert the module fixing tab
          into the fixing hole in the base unit until it stops.
          Improper installation may result in malfunction, breakdown or the module coming loose and
          Securely fix the module with screws if it is subject to vibration during use.
          • Tighten the screws within the range of specified torque.
          If the screws are loose, it may cause the module to fallout, short circuits, or malfunction.
          If the screws are tightened too much, it may cause damage to the screw and/or the module,
          resulting in fallout, short circuits or malfunction.
          • Be sure to shut off all phases of the external power supply used by the system before mounting
          or removing the module.
          Not doing so may cause damage to the module.
          In the system where a CPU module supporting the online module change is used and on the
          MELSECNET/H remote I/O stations, modules can be replaced online (during energizing).
          However, there are some restrictions on replaceable modules and the replacement procedures
          are predetermined for each module.
          For details, refer to the chapter of the online module change in this manual.
          • Do not directly touch the conductive area or electronic components of the module.
          Doing so may cause malfunction or failure in the module.